To save yourself some time, please give the below list of Frequently Asked Questions a read prior to contacting us. You might find that your question has already been answered, below :) 


Where’s my package/My package is delayed/My tracking is not updating/My delivery date has passed and my order has not been delivered.


Sometimes, waiting for vapemail is the hardest part! We've been there, dealing with USPS can be frustrating, especially because USPS sometimes has a habit of not updating their tracking system on time. We've even seen orders marked as delivered, only to be actually delivered several days later. If you've received a tracking number, your order has been delivered to the post office and is on its way. Some orders may take longer than others to be delivered (i.e. orders traveling cross-country, USPS First Class vs. USPS Priority, unforeseen delays by USPS, etc.). Please note that all USPS expected delivery dates are nonguaranteed estimates, and are subject to change or delay without notice from USPS. Please understand that we have zero control over the frequency of tracking updates, delays, or inaccurate tracking information provided on the part of USPS. While we are happy to work with you on orders that arrive damaged due to the journey, once USPS updates a package as 'Delivered', Vape Super Saver cannot be held responsible for any orders affected by loss or theft.


However, if an order has not arrived 14 days after having received a tracking number, please contact us so we may better serve you in resolving the issue. Prior to 14 days, there is not much USPS allows us to do in helping track down your order, unfortunately. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding.


I received a damaged product, what do I do?


If any part of your order arrives broken or damaged, please take pictures of the damage with labels clearly visible and send them to hello@vapesupersaver.com with your order number and a short description (a picture of your invoice with all necessary info will suffice). All customers service inquiries will be assessed and resolved in a timely manner. We recommend that customers not attempt to salvage eliquid from glass bottles that have been broken.



I ordered from California but my order hasn’t shipped yet, did you forget about me? 


Not to worry, we pay special attention to each customer, and every order. Here's what's going on: In accordance with the new California state laws on vaping, we are required to make a phone call to you after 5:00pm before we can ship out your order. The phone call will go to the main phone number listed under your shipping address and can go to either a person or voicemail. Please ensure that your phone number on file is correct in order to avoid any unnecessary delays. If you need to change the phone number, please reach out to us ASAP via the contact form, below. In addition, please note that it is now against state law to ship "tobacco products" to PO Boxes in CA, and that by law we must ship your order to your billing address. Again, please contact us via the contact form, below, if the designated shipping address on your order is a PO Box or is different from your billing address.


What's the deal with age-verification?

We're certainly very sorry for the inconvenience! As you may know, the first phase of the FDA Deeming Regulations on vaping became effective on August 8th, 2016. As a result, vape shops are now required by law to verify the ages of our customers. In addition, many state legislatures have passed their own laws regarding age-verification, and we hope you'll understand that we must follow both state and federal law. For those wondering, we do not utilize BlueCheck -- our age-verification provider is AgeChecker, a far less invasive and more convenient solution for our customers.



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